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I started programming in C at a part-time job at age 16.

Started programming full-time when I was 18 for Alphatrade, where I designed & programmed the back-end system in C++ & PHP and used Java for the client-side viewer.

Since leaving Alphatrade in 2007 at age 25 I have been doing research into Artifical Neural Networks (Spiking based model) and into designing scalable network services written in pure C code. I have also been doing some part-time programming jobs in PHP.

I have been using Linux as my desktop OS since about 2001. My prefered IDE for all my coding is now Linux/WindowMaker/Eterm/vi/git/CMake. I haven't done much Java programming since leaving Alphatrade where we used IntelliJ for Java work.

Other interest: Managa/Anime, Science fiction, Computer science (i.e. reading about the programming theory & data structures), Neuroscience.