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Top new questions this week:

What is the fastest static comparison sort? What is the proper term for "static"?

In a standard comparison sort, you perform a comparison and your next action is based off of the result of that comparison. What if this was not allowed, and you had to request all the results at the ...

optimization sorting  
user avatar asked by Display name Score of 6
user avatar answered by Emil Jeřábek Score of 10

Complexity of the Partition problem in the Real RAM model

The Partition problem is: given $n$ numbers in the range $[0,M]$, decide if they can be partitioned into two subsets with equal sum. If the numbers are integers, then the problem is NP-complete, but ...

partition-problem computing-over-reals  
user avatar asked by Erel Segal-Halevi Score of 4

Is the protocol perfect zero knowledge?

Consider such protocol for $GI$ (Graph-isomorphism problem). $P$ randomly chooses permutations $\sigma_1, \sigma_2, ..., \sigma_k$ and sends $H_1 = \sigma_1(G_0), ..., H_k = \sigma_n(G_0)\ (k > 1)$;...

graph-theory complexity-classes graph-isomorphism interactive-proofs zero-knowledge  
user avatar asked by GeoArt Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Difference between syntax and semantic error in programming languages

When compilers generate errors for a specific programming language, there's distinction between syntax & semantic errors. E.g. ) + f 3 has ill-formed syntax, ...

pl.programming-languages semantics parsing compilers  
user avatar asked by Rui Liu Score of 7

Is Norbert Blum's 2017 proof that $P \ne NP$ correct?

Norbert Blum recently posted a 38-page proof that $P \ne NP$. Is it correct? Also on topic: where else (on the internet) is its correctness being discussed? Note: the focus of this question text has ...

cc.complexity-theory np-hardness complexity-classes  
user avatar asked by Warren Schudy Score of 232
user avatar answered by idolvon Score of 103

Applications of Hamiltonian Cycle Problem

The Hamiltonian Cycle Problem and Travelling Salesman Problem are among famous NP-complete problems and has been studied extensively. I am looking for applications of the HamCycle and TSP. What are ...

graph-theory application-of-theory hamiltonian-paths  
user avatar asked by user136457 Score of 7
user avatar answered by David Eppstein Score of 8

What is the actual time complexity of Gaussian elimination?

In an answer to an earlier question, I mentioned the common but false belief that “Gaussian” elimination runs in $O(n^3)$ time. While it is obvious that the algorithm uses $O(n^3)$ arithmetic ...

cc.complexity-theory ds.algorithms reference-request linear-algebra  
user avatar asked by Jeffε Score of 99
user avatar answered by Elias Score of 46

Uses of algebraic structures in theoretical computer science

I'm a software practitioner and I'm writing a survey on algebraic structures for personal research and am trying to produce examples of how these structures are used in theoretical computer science (...

reference-request big-picture big-list algebra survey  
user avatar asked by GEL Score of 80
user avatar answered by Uday Reddy Score of 56

Implications of proving NP=RP on complexity theory

Edit: As indicated below by Mahdi Cheraghchi and in the comments, the paper has been withdrawn. Thanks for the multiple excellent answers on the implications of this claim. I, and hopefully others, ...

cc.complexity-theory np  
user avatar asked by kodlu Score of 22
user avatar answered by usul Score of 22

Research and open challenges in Programming Language Theory

In the spirit of some general discussions like this one, I'm opening this thread with the intention to gather opinions on what are the open challenges and hot topics in research on programming ...

pl.programming-languages open-problem research-practice  
user avatar asked by zpavlinovic Score of 37
user avatar answered by Martin Berger Score of 26
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