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Jan 14 at 6:59 comment added Ryoshun Oba Thank you so much for the solultion. I should have come with that.
Jan 14 at 4:21 comment added Yonatan N To extend @Gamow's observation, the straightforward dynamic program for a problem with element universe $U = \{0,1,...,u\}$ has running time $O(nku^{k-1})$. When $u=1$, the only truly expensive part of the algorithm drops out.
Jan 14 at 0:10 comment added user1271772 Nice first question! Welcome to our community!
Jan 13 at 17:02 comment added Gamow Since all input numbers are $0$ or $1$, such a partition exists if and only if $(\sum a_i)/k$ is an integer. This is trivial to check in polynomial time.
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