What is computational complexity of the following problem:

given two complex $n\times n$ matrices $A$ and $B$ check if there is a permutation matrix $P$ such that: $$B = P A P^T.$$

If it helps, one can assume that $A$ and $B$ are hermitian (or even that $A$ and $B$ are real and symmetric).


The problem stems from checking if two sets of vectors are related by an unitary rotation, see Sets of vectors related by a rotation - MathOverflow. In that context $A$ and $B$ are their Gramian matrices.

The problem is at least as hard as the graph isomorphism problem - take $A$ and $B$ as adjacency matrices.


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It is equivalent to deciding whether two given multigraphs (or edge-labelled graphs) are isomorphic or not, which is known to be equivalent to the usual graph isomorphism problem.


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