a recent difficult question of interest to the group[1] by GB has possibly led to verification of a new graph property by dspyz, by use of Answer Set Programming/ASP. via sophisticated logic principles/algorithms remarkably this software can verify a complex property of graphs apparently without enumerating all isomorphisms. there does not seem to be much prior ref to this software & logic/theorem proving research on tcs.se.

looking for notable papers that use ASP from a TCS pov to investigate important problems in the area.

even better would be anything that relates it to inductive proofs of graph properties in automated theorem proving.[5] (some misc refs [2-4] to the software utilized are included below.)

[1] Transitive feedback arc set (TFAS): NP-complete?
[2] Potassco: The Potsdam Answer Set Solving Collection Gebser et al
[3] Potassco/sourceforge
[4] ASP tools users guide Gebser et al
[5] techniques or examples of analyzing a series of graphs, tcs.se


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