I am looking for a way of getting a good estimate of the eigenvalues of random bipartite d-regular graphs. The literature has very precise values the proofs of which are very involved and since I am looking to extend the estimates to a more general scenario I dont want to get into very involved techniques. The kind of bounds I am looking for can have constant (or even log factors) thrown around.

One way I have in my mind is to use the matrix Bernstein inequality by expressing a random bipartite d-regular graph as a sum of d independent random matchings and then black box the Matrix Bernstein Inequality result. This gives satisfactory answers for me with the caveat that summing up d random matchings does not necessarily produce simple graphs (edges can get repeated), however I feel that the estimate that we get from Matrix Bernstein should hold for the random regular graph case too. Is there an easy way to get around this difficulty?

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