I've been reading the following paper:

In the paper the authors mention that the proofs will be available in the "full paper". But I cannot find any extended version of the paper with proofs. Can someone direct me to a version with the proofs?


Answering my own question.

I found that the authors never published an extended version with proofs.

The closest thing to an extended paper is,

Rina Panigrahy. Relieving hot spots on the worldwide web. 1997. 1

which was the Master's thesis of Rina Panigrahy (under Prof. Karger & Prof. Smith), who's also a co-author of the paper under discussion. It is a good, detailed reference to the original paper with all the proofs I needed.


I guess this https://dspace.mit.edu/handle/1721.1/9947#files is what you are looking for.


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