I am intrigued by compression techniques and I'd like some recommendations about books to study, specifically, on lossless compression algorithms and data structures.

I don't know if there is a comprehensive book (or books) that deals with both compression of general sources (stream of bytes), and known inputs (e.g., integers, strings).

Thanks for your references!


I recommend the following books:

  • Khalid Sayood "Introduction to DATA COMPRESSION"
  • Khalid Sayood "Lossless Compression Handbook"
  • David Salomon "Handbook of Data compression"

And a little more specific, but also good books in this field:

  • Timothy Bell "Text compression"
  • Donald Adjeroh, Timothy Bell, Amar Mukherjee "The Burrows-Wheeler Transform: Data Compression, Suffix Arrays, and Pattern Matching"

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