Given an undirected graph $G$, the $k$-core of $G$ is defined as the maximal subgraph such that each vertex has at least $k$ neighbors in the subgraph. The cores of $G$ can be computed by the following algorithm, which computes the $k$-core by iteratively removing vertices with degree $< k$.

1: $ k \leftarrow 1$;

2: while $G$ is not empty:

3: $\ $ $\ $ while there is a vertex $v$ with degree $< k$:

4: $\ $ $\ $ $\ $ $\ $ decrease by $1$ the degree of the neighbors of $v$ in $G$;

5: $\ $ $\ $ $\ $ $\ $ remove $v$ from $G$;

6: $\ $ $\ $ $k \leftarrow k + 1$;

An order that the vertices are removed in line 5 is called a degeneracy order. There can be multiple degeneracy orders for $G$ due to the tie in line 3.

Question. I want to uniformly sample a degeneracy ordering for $G$. I wonder if this is a known question in the community. I have googled it but found nothing. Is there an efficient algorithm for this task?

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