have a code that involves a 2 to 1 pairing of numbers. The code for this is

   function [ A ] = CantorPairing( B )
           [~, b] =(size(B)); 
          for i=1:2:(b)
          if( B(i)< B(i+1))
          A(k)= B(i)+(B(i+1))^2;
         A(k)= (B(i))^2+B(i)+B(i+1);

This is a matlab code that i am implementing. What this code does is, it pairs the adjacent elements of an array B depending on which is greater. So for an n size array the number of elements it returns is n/2. I have a few questions for this code.

  1. Since I am new to computer science, I don't think this is a very efficient code in MATLAB, can I optimize this code.
  2. What is the order complexity of this code and it's optimized version?
  3. What if I again run this function on the new set A to get an array C of size n/4?

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