Are any results on the separation of AM from SZK known (e.g. relativized separation, or a separation assuming one-way functions exist, etc.)?


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An oracle separation is easy to show. I'm not sure which paper showed it first, but for example you can already show that there exists an oracle $X$ such that

$\mathsf{NP}^X \not\subset \mathsf{QSZK}^X,$

which implies

$\mathsf{AM}^X \not\subset \mathsf{SZK}^X$

because $\mathsf{NP}$ is in $\mathsf{AM}$ and $\mathsf{SZK}$ is in $\mathsf{QSZK}$. See arXiv:1801.08967 for one way to prove this. See the comment on page 3 of arXiv:1902.03660 for another way to show this.

Also note that in the unrelativized world $\mathsf{AM=SZK}$ would collapse the polynomial hierarchy, because $\mathsf{SZK}$ is closed under complement, and hence this implies $\mathsf{AM=coAM}$, which collapses $\mathsf{PH}$.


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