$k > 1 $ sales execs, each specializing in one of 4 lines of business (LOBs), where each exec works (sales and travel) at 7.5 hours / day

$n > 1$ client sites.


Each client site has multiple LOBs (at least 2). For time efficiency, all LOBs must be serviced at same time. That is, if there are 2 LOBs then 2 exec go to site at same time for joint pitch (joint sales pitch is same time as single sales pitch).


Find paths for the $k$ sales execs such that there is coverage on all $n$ sites, focusing on minimizing cost, in terms of travel.

This is a multi-objective optimization. It is $\textit{similar}$ but not the same as CVRP, due to the temporaneous constraint for joint sales pitch. Can somebody point me to literature for a problem that this resembles, or any ideas of how to go about solving?



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