I have a set of version vectors (or vector clocks) and need to implement a filter function that takes this set and returns a new set where all elements are either "equal", "happened after", "concurrent" to every element in the original set.

I have a rather crude implementation that does this in O(n^2*k) (where n is the size of the input set and k is the number of entries in each version vector), but was wondering if I can do better. Pseudo code:

def is_predecessor_in(candidate, vv_set):
  for vv in vv_set:
    if candidate.happens_before(vv):
      return True
  return False

def filter(input):
  let output = []
  for v in input:
    if !is_predecessor_in(v, input):
  return output

Additionally, if someone could recommend a resource for algorithms with version vectors (or vector clocks) such as this one, that would be greatly appreciated.



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