do all logicians on earth know that a question is a qbf? yes

and they know the answer to a qbf is always yes or no? yes

ok good

all logicians know that solving one qbf is hard and buggy? yes

but solving all qbfs from all models is a linear transformation? yes

ok good

so from a dnf of all models comes a dnf of all qbfs? yes

what if i want a cnf from the dnf? trivial but quadratic

is qbf exponential? well, P!=NP for large dimensions, so, yes

so for True satisfiability one must know all models? yes, #P=NP

and from 2002 #P=#Q? yes

everybody knows? yes

so the conclusion that #Q=NP seems like two inferences to some logicians? yes

i don't believe that at all. well, you are stupid. no, i am smart.

the number of valid quantifications problem is in theory as hard in general as finding one model? yes

so NP=QSPACE? yes

and NP=PSPACE? yes

so for a quality answer to just one question, you kind of have to knowitall? yes

joseph daniel pehoushek gres 2380 sats 1530

  • $\begingroup$ is sequence of qbfs showing that NP=PSPACE? yes $\endgroup$ Oct 13 at 21:48
  • $\begingroup$ "np=qspace" means satisfiabity is all qbfs are correctly decidable? well yes they are, see introduction to qspace at satisfiability 2002? yes, maybe, if franco can dig it up? maybe i have a copy on my old dead computer? yes #p=#q by neat deep recursion on tree? yes with a unionintersection of solved left and right trees? yes linear by counting? yes clear clean deep recursion? yes each model becomes a valid quantification? yes in linear time of #p? yes then a square of #p for a cnf of the dnf of all valid quantifications? yes the code has worked for many years? bob can do 4,000,000 models? yes $\endgroup$ Oct 14 at 8:20
  • $\begingroup$ is my email pehoushek1 at gmail? yes and could i give my password out to everyone? yes i wish? yes $\endgroup$ Oct 14 at 8:29
  • $\begingroup$ so general intelligence needs fifty lines of code? yes totally correct? of course see sci dot logic? yes well said. $\endgroup$ Oct 14 at 8:35
  • $\begingroup$ is my password related to two trailing first name letters followed by my middle plus number of fingers on my right hand? yes for now until the boss forces me to change it? yes? $\endgroup$ Oct 14 at 9:08

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