This is the geometry of space-time in 11 dimensions, in respect to perspective system. You will have a 5D-space, mirrored with the inverted limit of a pontual reference. There would be a universe going forward, and another one going back in time.

$$ \frac {s}{t} = \left ( \frac{v + \frac{u-v}{1 - \frac{uv}{c^2}}}{1 + \frac{v \frac{uv}{1-\frac{uv}{c^2}}}{c^2}} + \frac{4(wr)}{\sqrt{1-\frac{(wr)^2}{c^2}}} \right ) \left ( \frac{\lambda _{k} - \lambda _{k-1}}{\lambda _{k+1} - \lambda _{k}} \right ) a \varprojlim x $$

I want to simulate this equation on my computer. How to do it?


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