I'm looking for an algorithm to efficiently generate all unlabeled acyclic digraphs of a given order. (By "unlabeled" I mean that no two of the generated digraphs should be isomorphic.) Thanks

Edit: removed the word "enumeration" from title; I made the original title "Enumeration/generation of unlabeled acyclic digraphs" in a misguided effort to increase the number of possible answers; I had conjectured, incorrectly, that enumeration algorithms could be easily adapted to generate all the enumerated digraphs; now I realize this conjecture is wrong, hence the edited title emphasizes that I'm interested in an algorithm for generating (and not just enumerating) unlabeled acyclic digraphs.


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If you are looking for an implementation, Sage knows how to generate general digraphs up to isomorphism

sage: len(list(digraphs(4)))

You can then plug in a "test" method if you just want the acyclic ones :

sage: len(list(digraphs(4, property = lambda g:g.is_directed_acyclic())))

It returns 302 digraphs on 5 vertices, and 5984 on 6 vertices. But I am a bit scared to try larger values :-)

By the way, giving those values to the OEIS returns the expected sequence :


Which also happens to contain several references that may suit your taste :-)



Counting unlabeled acyclic digraphs -- R. W. Robinson


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