Whether there is a problem to meet the conditions: it is polynomial time solvable in series parallel graphs but NP-hard in graph with bounded treewidth?


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The quadratic traveling salesperson problem takes as input a graph and a cost for each pair of edges, and asks for a Hamiltonian cycle minimizing the sum of costs of its pairs of edges (not just adjacent pairs). It is NP-hard on Halin graphs (so its decision problem is NP-complete on all graphs of treewidth 3); see:

Brad Woods, Abraham Punnen, and Tamon Stephen (2017), "A linear time algorithm for the 3-neighbour Travelling Salesman Problem on a Halin graph and extensions", Discrete Optimization 26: 163–182, doi:10.1016/j.disopt.2017.08.005

However it is trivially solvable in polynomial time on series-parallel graphs because they are only Hamiltonian if they are biconnected outerplanar and in that case the Hamiltonian cycle is unique (it is the outer face of the outerplanar embedding).

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