For my research, I need to find real database queries (just queries, I do not need the data). However, the unique public "real" queries I know are those appearing in the TPC benchmarks.

Does any of you know of any public database that also shows some real queries (e.g., a SQL database with some SQL views defined over it)? I do not care if they are in SQL, or SPARQL. My main concern is that they should be first-order.

Many thanks in advance


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I think that it would be useful to take a look at the following papers (and their related works sections):

  • François Picalausa and Stijn Vansummeren. What are real SPARQL queries like? In SWIM, 2011.
  • Angela Bonifati, Wim Martens, and Thomas Timm. An Analytical Study of Large SPARQL Query Logs. PVLDB, 11(2), 2017
  • Silviu Maniu, Pierre Senellart, Suraj Jog: An Experimental Study of the Treewidth of Real-World Graph Data. ICDT 2019: 12:1-12:18

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