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Data for testing graph algorithms

I recently developed a parallel algorithm to solve the vertex cover problem.
now i need some graphs so i can test the speed of my algorithm vs the sequential code.
where can i find graphs? i am looking for something similar to this text file:

3 3
1 0
1 2
0 2

the first 2 numbers (3 and 3) states that there are 3 vertices and 3 edges in the graph. following this line is 3 edges.

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If you want challenging instances for the vertex cover problem:



You can check out the graphs at NetWiki. Of course, you'll have to sort out the formatting yourself.


Here's a collection of graphs that we used for analyzing a vertex cover heuristic: http://www.ru.is/kennarar/eyjo/vertexcover.html

You can download a zipfile containing all the graphs here: http://www.ru.is/kennarar/eyjo/vertexcover/graphs.zip

The format is not exactly as you specified but it's close enough.


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