I want to compute Euclidian distance between similar vectors in a database (SQLite). So each column in the database is a value from my vector.

The first problem appears, I have a large number of values that I first need to reduce to fit a reasonable number of rows (<50) since the original data have thousands of columns. I have also thought of storing a blob, load it in memory and do my computations ?

Since I am trying to find the best matches (similarity mesure), I am currently filtering the database by applying a threshold for each value. Applying a filter for a small number of column is feasible, doing this for many columns is too time consuming.

Sqlite has a RTree module limited to 5 dimensions (11 columns). But it is not the filtering that I want.

What is the best compromise or technique/algorithm to sort and compare vectors using a database ?

Thank you


What you're looking for is a procedure to do near-neighbor searching in a high dimensional Euclidean space, or do dimensionality reduction prior to doing such a near neighbor search.

There are two approaches that are likely to help:

  • Use a native near-neighbor search procedure that works in high dimensions. Locality-sensitive hashing is a popular choice in this regard.
  • Apply dimensionality reduction, and then use a technique that works for fewer dimensions. In this case, you should look at the ANN near-neighbor library, and also look into using the Johnson-Lindenstrauss transform for dimensionality reduction (or possibly even PCA to reduce dimensions).

(warning - self promotion alert: I have a paper that describes different implementations of Johnson-Lindenstrauss and how they compare)

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