Two papers I would include are:

  1. D. Kozen, "Indexing of subrecursive classes", STOC, 1978.

  2. R. Ladner, "On the Structure of Polynomial Time Reducibility", JACM, 1975.

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Hajek, P. Arithmetical hierarchy and complexity of computation. Theoret. Comp. Sci. 8 (2): 227-237, 1979. Started the study of the complexities of index sets (where their "complexities" often lie somewhere in the arithmetical hierarchy; see this answer to another question.)

On the study of polynomial-time degrees (buzzword="polynomial-time degree theory", for the sake of future searches) I'd say these papers are of interest (several of them are based on Ladner's technique):

Probably a forward and backwards reference search will find several more papers in the same area (though it's not that big an area!).


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