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What papers should everyone read?

This question is (inspired by)/(shamefully stolen from) a similar question at MathOverflow, but I expect the answers here will be quite different. We all have favorite papers in our own respective ...
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What Books Should Everyone Read?

[Timeline] This question has the same spirit of what papers should everyone read and what videos should everybody watch. It asks for remarkable books in different areas of theoretical computer ...
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What videos should everybody watch?

Stanford University now has a Youtube channel, with free access to HD video of full courses on everything from dynamical systems to quantum entanglement. More conferences and workshops are ...
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What are the recent TCS books whose drafts are available online?

Following the post What Books Should Everyone Read, I noticed that there are recent books whose drafts are available online. For instance, the Approximation Algorithms entry of the above post cites ...
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What Lecture Notes Should Everyone Read?

There has been several questions with the same scheme as this one: What papers should everyone read What books should everyone read What are the recent TCS books whose drafts are available online ...
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How to find interesting research problems

Despite several years of classes, I'm still at a loss when it comes to choosing a research topic. I've been looking over papers from different areas and spoken with professors, and I'm beginning to ...
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What does research in theoretical computer science involve?

I am trying to understand what is involved in theoretical computer science research. What do theoretical computer scientists do? I know a significant time is spent on teaching, supervising graduate ...
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What CS theories are absolutely paramount for someone new to TCS to understand? [closed]

First - I'm happy to be a part of this community. Electronics and software engineering are both my passion and my profession, yet I feel as if I'm missing a solid basis in theoretical computer science....
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Popular Journals for Theoretical CS

Are there some popular journals in the field of theoretical CS that serve the kind of purpose that a journal like "Physics Today" does for the Physics community ?
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What are CS blogs for puzzles/games?

I am looking for blogs which contains recent progress on puzzles/games (Algebraic and Combinatorial) etc. like Soduko, latin square etc. I come across a list on TCS What CS blogs should everyone read?,...
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