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What papers should everyone read?

This question is (inspired by)/(shamefully stolen from) a similar question at MathOverflow, but I expect the answers here will be quite different. We all have favorite papers in our own respective ...
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What videos should everybody watch?

Stanford University now has a Youtube channel, with free access to HD video of full courses on everything from dynamical systems to quantum entanglement. More conferences and workshops are ...
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What are the recent TCS books whose drafts are available online?

Following the post What Books Should Everyone Read, I noticed that there are recent books whose drafts are available online. For instance, the Approximation Algorithms entry of the above post cites ...
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What Lecture Notes Should Everyone Read?

There has been several questions with the same scheme as this one: What papers should everyone read What books should everyone read What are the recent TCS books whose drafts are available online ...
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What kind of mathematical background is needed for complexity theory?

I am currently an undergraduate student, bound to graduate this year. After graduation, I am considering to work towards a TCS master/PhD. I have begun wondering what fields of mathematics are ...
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References for TCS proof techniques

Are there any references (online or in book form) that organize and discuss TCS theorems by proof technique? Garey and Johnson do this for the various kinds of widget constructions needed for NP-...
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Book on Probability

While I have passed some courses on probability theory, both in the high school and the university, I have a hard time reading TCS papers when it comes to probability. It seems that the authors of ...
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Books on automata theory for self-study

I need a finite automata theory book with lots of examples that I can use for self-study and to prepare for exams.
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Why do we consider log-space as a model of efficient computation (instead of polylog-space) ?

This might be a subjective question rather than one with a concrete answer, but anyway. In complexity theory we study the notion of efficient computations. There are classes like $\mathsf{P}$ stands ...
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Books on programming language semantics

I've been reading Nielson & Nielson's "Semantics with Applications", and I really like the subject. I'd like to have one more book on programming language semantics -- but I really can get only ...
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What are the popular science books that inspire TCS?

There is a reputation, that in computer science, we do not have popular science books. Of course that's not really true! (In the same spirit of list of What Books Should Everyone Read?, What papers ...
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What CS blogs should everyone read?

Many top notch computer science researchers and research groups) maintain active blogs that keep us updated on the latest research in the authors' fields of interest. In most cases, blog posts are ...
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References on Circuit Lower Bounds

Preamble Interactive proof systems and Arthur-Merlin protocols were introduced by Goldwasser, Micali and Rackoff and Babai back in 1985. At first, it was thought that the former is more powerful than ...
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What is the best text of computation theory/theory of computation?

In University we used the Sipser text and while at the time I understood most of it, I forgot most of it as well, so it of course didn't leave all to great of an impression. I borrowed that book and ...
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Formal representation of rings in computations

While reading a paper about using algebraic methods to detect some induced subgraphs, it appears that edge ideal is an important tool connecting commutative algebra and graph theory. Since I'm not ...
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