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A Simple Auction Game

You are playing the following game. You have a budget of $B$ dollars. There are $n$ days. Every day $d$, you have to make a bid $b_d\geq0$ that does not exceed your budget. After making the bid, a ...
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Partitioning a square for optimal queries

I have a square plate of size 1x1, full of lots of skittles. I want to eat all of the skittles, but the only way I can get the skittles is through these two oracles: $f(x, y, r)$ tells me how many ...
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Adversarial Machine Learning, Learning with (Malicious) noise

I am reading some old papers regarding Learning With Malicious Noise. In one of them, Learning in the presence of Malicious Errors, by Kearns and Li $[1]$ (
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What is the connection between adversarial learning in machine learning and program synthesis?

In particular, I'm considering the similarities in Generative Adversarial Networks and Combinatorial Sketching for Finite Programs. In the first paper, our concern is with learning generator ...
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