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practical questions about doing research in theoretical computer science

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What kind of mathematical background is needed for complexity theory?

I am currently an undergraduate student, bound to graduate this year. After graduation, I am considering to work towards a TCS master/PhD. I have begun wondering what fields of mathematics are ...
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How do I get started in theoretical CS ?

I'm a freshmen studying computer science and I already know that I want to go into academia with focus of theoretical comp sci. I already read some of papers referenced in this question and this ...
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How important is knowing how to program for TCS?

Coming from a more mathematical background, I never really learned how to code. I am starting a PhD in TCS and many people were surprised by how little I knew about programming (and about computer in ...
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How to get a job

I'm new to the site. On mathoverflow this would be community wiki, but I don't see how to set that here. Not a research question, but hopefully of interest to professional theoretical computer ...
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What would you advise someone who wants to do research as a hobby?

I love doing TCS in my spare time. Lately I have been trying to do some research as a hobby. I'm looking for some extra input from people who do this full-time: Do you think it is possible to do this ...
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What are some career options for someone with a computer scientist master degree?

Other than going fully academic and getting a doctorate/post-doc, or going for a more or less 'standard' job in software development, what are some other career options in the full or semi theoretical ...
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Graduate studies (PhD) in CS Theory vs. Applied Math

Given most American universities only accept applications in only one field, I'm trying to figure out what are the advantages/disadvantages of applying to a CS theory program vs an applied math ...
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What math courses should I take to prepare for a CS masters or PhD?

I'm a self-taught professional programmer. I am pretty good at it (Ruby, Unix, Clojure, Java, Objective-C), but now I'm thinking of taking it to the next level by maybe applying for a masters or PhD ...
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What kind of mathematical background is needed for graph theory?

It is going to be the first time for me to learn graph theory. What kind of mathematical background do I need to prepare master theses about this subject in following years? Which subjects should be ...
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What should I do to switch from math department to cs to research tcs topics?

This can be a very weird question, but I haven't seen the same situation with mine in this forum, so I'd like to put this. Let me introudce my situation first. I'm now a math student of master ...
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Advice on good research practices

After reading Daniel Apon's question, I started thinking that it might be useful (especially to junior researchers and graduate students like me) to ask a broader and more general question so we can ...
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Deciding between different PhD programs

Edited Version What are the main characteristics and qualities that you would consider if you were going to choose a PhD program in theoretical computer science (or related areas) today (based on ...
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How to make a paper stronger?

After reading this question and David's answer I thought a more general question asking for tips would be useful. So how can authors make (and write) a paper stronger?
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Mathematical background needed for pursuing a PhD in TCS [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What kind of mathematical background is needed for complexity theory? I'm a final year undergrad and I'm looking to pursue a PhD in theoretical computer science in the long ...
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Looking for learning resources

I am an undergraduate student of Computer Science and am very interested in learning the theoretical part of it all. Unfortunately, none of the subjects we have in our UG program give us an insight ...
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Learning road map for functional programming from the viewpoint of category theory

I am now considering about studying functional programming from the viewpoint of category theory. There are a lot of books about functional programming and category theory, I want some suggestions ...
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