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practical questions about doing research in theoretical computer science

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What should I do to switch from math department to cs to research tcs topics?

This can be a very weird question, but I haven't seen the same situation with mine in this forum, so I'd like to put this. Let me introudce my situation first. I'm now a math student of master ...
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Is there a computer science equivalent page for this: "How to become a GOOD Theoretical Physicist"? I was wondering if any one has come across a page similar to the above but for CS.
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Accessible entry for computational complexity theory through concrete problems

I am planning to start studying computational complexity theory. As the field is technical for a fresh undergrad alumni like me, I thought a good approach is to tackle it through areas I am more ...
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Possible generalizations of associativity?

The well-known notion of associativity in algebra leads to structures with interesting properties, such as groups or semigroups. According to a paper by John Rhodes, some researchers in algebra and ...
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Starting a Career in Theoretical Computer Science

I am a third year mathematics student from Nigeria. I'm considering diving into theoretical Computer science after my in Mathematics, but the only computer science course that I've done is just ...
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How to read a COLT or other paper related learning theory?

I am a master student right now. And first time met the theoretical computer science, I am really interested in it, and especially the learning theory part. Wish to do research about this part in the ...
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