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Relationship of the P=PSPACE problem to alternating complexity classes

From a very naive point of view of someone who haven't studied complexity theory in depth, I am wondering whether the theorems that APSPACE=EXPTIME and AP=PSPACE have any derived results on separating ...
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polylogarithmic space [closed]

I apologize if this is a silly question, but could someone tell me whether the class polyL (polylogarithmic space) is equal to the class ATIME(polylog)? If so, where can I find a reference to this or ...
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Oracles for sub-exponential circuit complexity of $\Sigma_2 EXP$

Couldn't find this one anywhere... It's an open problem whether $\Sigma_2 EXP$ problems have exponential-size circuit complexity. Is there an oracle relative to which $\Sigma_2 EXP$ has $2^{o(n)}$ ...
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Is a quadratic nondeterminism speed-up of deterministic computation plausible?

This is a follow up to nondeterministic speed-up of deterministic computation. Is it plausible that nondeterminism (or more generally alternation) would allow a general quadratic speed-up of ...
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Nondeterministic speed-up of deterministic computation

Can nondeterminism speed-up deterministic computation? If yes, how much? By speeding-up deterministic computation by nondeterminism I mean results of the form: $\mathsf{DTime}(f(n)) \subseteq \...
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