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Is this constrained planar triangulation algorithm $O(m \log m)$?

Background: I am implementing triangle mesh CSG using symbolically perturbed exact arithmetic. One of the required subalgorithms is retriangulating a triangular face $T_0$ of the input mesh cut by ...
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Most efficient algorithm to search an unsorted array with a very precise data structure

(I apologize in advance if this question sounds a bit practical, but I suspect it might have an interesting theoretical aspect.) I have a (large) array of data, not completely sorted, but with which ...
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BSP, but with curved surfaces (NURBS? kernelized support vectors?)

Let's say that I wanted to use a BSP not just for partitioning points, but also to define surfaces, i.e. that I have $\mathbb{R}^2$ and I want to be able to continuously map at least some easily known/...
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