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Why $rank(C|_V)\geq rank(C)$ for $r$-rank preserving subspace for depth 3 circuits

I was reading Deterministic Black Box PIT Testing for Generalized Depth 3 Arithmetic Circuits - Karnin and Shpilka In the Theorem 3.4 they told $rank(C|_V)\geq rank(C)$ We have $C|_V$ which is ...
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Outputting true with probabiltiy $P(A|B)$ given $P(B), P(B|A)$, and a function which returns true with probability $P(A)$

I have a black-box function which returns true with probability $ P(A) $, that I don't know how to calculate. I receive evidence B, and I want to create a function which returns true with probability $...
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Is black box parallel quantum speedup ever nontrivial?

Grover's algorithm is not parallelizable, in that $p$ quantum processors searching over $n$ elements can't do better than $O(\sqrt{n/p})$ queries. Are there any oracle problems where quantum ...
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Optimalization of sum $f(x_i, x_j)$ for all $i < j$ pairs through permutation only?

$\DeclareMathOperator*{\argmin}{arg\,min}$Can something be said about the difficulty of minimizing the quantity $$g(x) = \sum_{i=1}^n\sum_{j=i+1}^n f(x_i, x_j)$$ of some string of symbols $x \in \...
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Oracle Construction for Grover's Algorithm

In Mike and Ike's "Quantum Computation and Quantum Information", Grover's algorithm is explained in great detail. However, in the book, and in all explanations I have found online for Grover's ...
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Introduction to Black-Box Separations in Cryptography

Are there any textbook-style material on black-box separations in cryptography? I tried to read the paper of Impagliazzo and Rudich but couldn't get much of it. A previous StackExchange entry gives a ...
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Are there efficient black-box constructions of sigma-protocols for SAT?

Is there a known black-box construction for the following implication? non-interactive string commitment that stretches additively by an amount which does not depend on the string being ...
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Boolean Circuit in a Black Box?

Just had this random idea... but unfortunately I'm not quite versed in complexity theory, so I thought it would be a good idea to ask it here. Let's equip a normal Turing machine with a "black box ...
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Separation between existence of crypto primitives

I understand how one can build a crypto primitive from another crypto primitive to some extent. The constructions I know build the later primitive using the former primitive as a black box. My ...
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Estimating Average in Polynomial Time

Let $f \colon \lbrace 0,1 \rbrace ^ n \to (2^{-n},1]$ be a function. We want to estimate the average of $f$; that is: $\mathbb{E}[f(n)]=2^{-n}\sum_{x\in \lbrace 0,1 \rbrace ^ n}f(x)$. ...
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Exhausting Simulator of Zero-Knowledge Protocols in the Random Oracle Model

In a paper titled "On Deniability in the Common Reference String and Random Oracle Model," Rafael Pass writes: We note that when proving security according to the standard zero-knowledge ...
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Approximate counting problem capturing BQP

In the black-box model, the problem of determining the output of a BPP machine $M(x,r)$ on input $x$ is the approximate counting problem of determining $E_r M(x,r)$ with additive error 1/3 (say). Is ...
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Property testing in other metrics?

There is a large literature on "property testing" -- the problem of making a small number of black box queries to a function $f\colon\{0,1\}^n \to R$ to distinguish between two cases: $f$ is a ...
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