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The difference between the 1st and 2nd editions. "Compilers Principles, Techniques, and Tools" by Aho, Sethi and Ullman

I bought "Compilers Principles, Techniques, and Tools 1st Edition" by Alfred V. Aho, Ravi Sethi and Jeffrey D. Ullman long years ago and it has been sitting on my bookshelf ever since. I ...
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Information and Coding Theory Texts

I am coming from a pure mathematics (in analysis) background and am curious to learn some information and coding theory. I am after some recommendations on texts. Due to my personal background I am ...
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Regarding Elements of Programming, is a uniqueness of the value type sufficient for equality testing?

I have just started on the book Elements of Programming (2019) and after thinking about the definitions for value types in chapter 1, that in principle seem to link meaning (the abstract entities of a ...
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What is a good route for a math student to self study computer science systematically and efficiently?

I decided to ask this question after being attracted by how much one can do with the knowledge in computer science, including iOS application development, game(or mods) development, website creating, ...
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Book Recommendations for a General Introduction to (Theoretical) Computer Science

After perusing the web and cstheory.stackexchange in particular, I've come across many different wonderful resources in Computer Science - from Sipser's "Introduction to the Theory of Computation" to ...
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Free books (or course materials) on undergraduate algorithms

What free books (or course materials) are there that cover undergraduate algorithms material? I added "course materials" in case there exist comprehensive sets of lecture notes/video/other that are ...
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Where to learn more about what Theoretical Computer Science is?

I am a graduate student in math, and theoretical computer science is a domain which I never understood what it is about because I couldn't find a good read about the topic. I want to know what this ...
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Book for self study of algorithms in group theory

I am a math major interested on TCS. I want to self-study the algorithms, and complexity of them for solving the group theoretical problems like find order of elements, coset enumeration, find ...
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Theoretical computer science self-study resources for programmers

I am a pretty proficient software engineer, but I don't know much theory. I want to learn more theory. Particular topics that I am interested in are: computational complexity, formal languages, and ...
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Lossless Compression Books

I am intrigued by compression techniques and I'd like some recommendations about books to study, specifically, on lossless compression algorithms and data structures. I don't know if there is a ...
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Good books on parser theory?

One of my Java projects is a fork of parboiled, and unlike, say, Antlr or JavaCC, parsers are generated at runtime. Grammars generated are Parsing Expression Grammars, or PEGs (I hear another term for ...
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Good references for understanding the underlying abstractions/ideas of functional programming?

What are some good references, not very dense, to understand the underlying math and computability aspects of the notion of "functional programming"? I'd like to have something that talks about it ...
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Where to find the latest book releases on theoretical computer science?

I was wondering if there is an online source where I can find the latest book releases on theoretical computer science issues? And I mean quality books and papers on new and upcoming issues from ...
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Best sources for communication complexity

What are some of the best sources (books and papers) to motivate and learn communication complexity on its own and in connection with its relation to computational complexity theory?
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Are there any books containing collections of automata problems?

You can find specialized books consisting entirely or problems from particular math domains (e.g. linear algebra, polynomials, combinatorics), but I've yet to find such a book for automata of any kind....
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Heuristic algorithm design techniques

I am looking for a good relatively complete and up-to-date book or survey about heuristic algorithm design techniques.
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Handbook of advanced algorithms

I am looking for resources (preferably a handbook) on advanced topics in algorithms (topics beyond what is covered in algorithms textbooks like CLRS and DPV). The type of material that can be used ...
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What are the popular science books that inspire TCS?

There is a reputation, that in computer science, we do not have popular science books. Of course that's not really true! (In the same spirit of list of What Books Should Everyone Read?, What papers ...
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Pointers for CS applications of logic

I'm a grad student in math with a solid background in logic. I've taken a year-long graduate course in logic together with graduate courses on finite model theory and another on forcing and set theory....
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Handbook of advanced data structures

I am looking for a book on advanced data structures that goes beyond what is covered in standard textbooks like Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein's "Introduction to Algorithms". A book that can be ...
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Language and automata textbook, free or low cost?

I'll be teaching a standard undergraduate class on languages and automata next semester, and would prefer to use a legitimate free or low-cost text. Any suggestions? I love the Sipser text but the ...
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Introductory resources on Computational Learning Theory

Recently I've been reading a decent number of CoLT papers. Although I don't struggle with the individual papers (at least not more than I usually struggle with other theory papers), I don't feel I ...
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Resource / book for recent advances in statistical learning theory

I'm quite familiar with the theory behind VC-Dimension, but I'm now looking at the recent (last 10 years) advances in statistical learning theory: (local) Rademacher averages, Massart's Finite Class ...
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Recommendation for a good book on first order logic w.r.t inductive logic programming

I have had 10 days to read up on Computational Logic but the books I am following are only succeeding in confusing me. I find most of text's ( Niehuys-Cheng & de Wolf 1997, De Raedt 2008, Lloyd ...
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Book on Probability

While I have passed some courses on probability theory, both in the high school and the university, I have a hard time reading TCS papers when it comes to probability. It seems that the authors of ...
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What are good books for learning grammar ( BNF )?

I'm taking a basic course on programming language theory, and we're covering context-free grammar (BNF). Personally, I'm really interested in how to design syntax for a programming language. I'm ...
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Texts on application of randomized algorithms

as far as I know, Motwani & Raghavan, ”Randomized Algorithms”, Cambridge University Press, 1995 is the standard book for randomized algorithms. This is an excellent theoretical intro. Which is ...
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Book recommendations for CompSci related math

Searching for good textbooks on math related to Computer Science I bought two german books yet, but found them not to be easily understandable and not suitable for self-study . German textbooks are ...
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TCS online library

My question isn't really related to TCS itself, it's more about technical and informational equipment of a computer scientist. There is a website SafariBooksOnline by O'Reilly Media where anyone can ...
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Resources to learn about the P vs. NP problem

I was recently reminded about the $\mathsf{P}$ vs. $\mathsf{NP}$ problem as explained by Stephen A. Cook on Clay Mathematics Institute. It has piqued my interest and I would like to learn more about ...
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What are "$\mu$-recursive functions" and $\mu$-calculus?

I saw in this question a reference to $\mu$-recursive functions or $\mu$-calculus as some computation model equivalent to Turing machines and $\lambda$-calculus. I know about these two but never heard ...
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What are the recent TCS books whose drafts are available online?

Following the post What Books Should Everyone Read, I noticed that there are recent books whose drafts are available online. For instance, the Approximation Algorithms entry of the above post cites ...
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Books on programming language semantics

I've been reading Nielson & Nielson's "Semantics with Applications", and I really like the subject. I'd like to have one more book on programming language semantics -- but I really can get only ...
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What is the best text of computation theory/theory of computation?

In University we used the Sipser text and while at the time I understood most of it, I forgot most of it as well, so it of course didn't leave all to great of an impression. I borrowed that book and ...
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What Books Should Everyone Read?

[Timeline] This question has the same spirit of what papers should everyone read and what videos should everybody watch. It asks for remarkable books in different areas of theoretical computer ...
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Photo of «Introduction to automata…» by Hopcroft and Ullman '79 cover?

Where can I get the photo of “Introduction to automata theory, languages and computation” by Hopcroft and Ullman '79 (first edition) cover in order to be able to read all the phrases placed on the ...
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