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Rank mod 6 vs rank over the reals

Let $A$ be a boolean matrix (eg with $0,1$ entries). Assume that $A$ has rank $\le r$ both over $\mathbb{F}_2$ and over $\mathbb{F}_3$. Does this imply that $A$ has low rank over the reals? This seems ...
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In an $m$ by $n$ Boolean matrix, can you find a square block whose four corners are ones in $O(m \cdot n)$ time?

Decision Problem Input: An $m$ by $n$ Boolean matrix $M$. Decision Question: Does there exist a square block within $M$ such that upper-left corner entry == upper-right corner entry == lower-left ...
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Upper Bound on Number of $n \times n$ Boolean matrices of Boolean rank at most $k$

An $n \times n$ Boolean matrix $B$ has Boolean rank $k$ if there exist matrices $L \in \{0,1\}^{n \times k}$ and $R \in \{0,1\}^{k \times n}$, s.t. $B = L \circ R$. Here $\circ$ denotes the Boolean ...
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Hardness result or reference for optimal Gaussian elimination process

I'm wondering if the following problem is NP-Complete or has any hardness result. References on related problem are also welcome. Input: integers $n\geq1,k\geq0$ and an invertible matrix $M\in\mathbb ...
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Dynamic matrix-matrix multiplication

Suppose A and B are initial Boolean matrices. Let C = A*B. Suppose one can perform the sequence of the next operations: "set A[i,j] = 1", "set B[i,j] = 1". The result of each ...
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About Boolean functions with a high sign-rank

Recently in this beautiful paper, it has been shown that there is an explicit $Th \circ Th$ function with sign-rank scaling exponentially in dimension. I wanted to ...
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Maximum weight triangles in dense graphs

There are multiple results (Vassilevska and Williams STOC09, for instance) on computing efficiently minimal-weight triangles (or more generally patterns) in node-weighted graphs. Several of these ...
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Minimize The Number of Connected Components in Hit-map of A Boolean Matrix

Suppose there is a matrix with the value of 0 and 1. The hit-map of the matrix (0 is blue and 1 is red) create some connected component (see the following figure as an instance): Is there any ...
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algorithms for a large submatrix / general factor / quasi-biclique problem?

Given a sparse 0/1 matrix $X$, too large to fit in memory, with $m$ rows and $n$ columns, I'm looking for an algorithm for finding a submatrix (when one exists) with maximum number of rows such that ...
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Is there a name/terminology for binary codes with evenly spaced number of ones?

I am generating a random binary matrix $A \in \{0, 1\}^{m \times n}$ with the number of ones in each row set to evenly spaced numbers from an interval. For example, if $n=50$, the number of ones for $...
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