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questions about attaining and maintaining a career in fields related to theoretical computer science

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Awards, grants and fellowships for PhD students in TCS

I think that a PhD student that received some awards and fellowships has better chance to get a good postdoc position. I was wondering what awards/grants/fellowships should one consider to apply for? ...
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Does a depth knowledge on theory of computation helps to be a better practitioner

I would like to know whether knowledge of the theory of computation can help you to be a better practitioner. Is it enough to obtain some depth of knowledge of algorithms and data structures, or would ...
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What should I do to switch from math department to cs to research tcs topics?

This can be a very weird question, but I haven't seen the same situation with mine in this forum, so I'd like to put this. Let me introudce my situation first. I'm now a math student of master ...
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How much programming is practiced in Theoretical Computer Science jobs?

I am an undergraduate student studying Information Technology. I like both math and CS, so I am considering to go into either "Computer Science and Math" or "Theoretical Computer Science" for my ...
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