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P versus NP and other resource-bounded computation.

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Many-one reductions vs. Turing reductions to define NPC

Why do most people prefer to use many-one reductions to define NP-completeness instead of, for instance, Turing reductions?
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Lower bounds for constant-depth formulae?

We know a lot about the limitations of (polynomial size) constant-depth circuits. Since (polynomial size) constant-depth formulae are an even more restricted model of computation, all problems known ...
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Are recursive forms of Godel's statement possible?

The self-referentiality of the P/NP problem has sometimes been highlighted as a barrier to its resolution, see, for instance, Scott Aaronson's paper, is P vs. NP formally independent? One of the many ...
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Complexity of testing for a value versus computing a function

In general we know that the complexity of testing whether a function takes a particular value at a given input is easier than evaluating the function at that input. For example: Evaluating the ...
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What are the best current lower bounds on 3SAT?

What are the best current lower bounds for time and circuit depth for 3SAT?
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What evidence do we have for (and against) Unique Games Conjecture?

Subhash Khot's Unique Games Conjecture is one of active research areas in complexity theory. What evidence do we have for it? What evidence do we have against it?
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Which results in complexity theory make essential use of uniformity?

A complexity class separation proof uses uniformity of complexity classes essentially if the proof does not prove the result for nonuniform version, for example proofs based on diagonalization (like ...
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Problems Between P and NPC

Factoring and graph isomorphism are problems in NP that are not known to be in P nor to be NP-Complete. What are some other (sufficiently different) natural problems that share this property? ...
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H-free cut problem

Suppose you are given a connected, simple, undirected graph H. The H-free cut problem is defined as follows: Given a simple, undirected graph G, is there a cut (partition of vertices into two ...
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What specific evidence is there for P = RP?

RP is the class of problems decidable by a nondeterministic Turing machine that terminates in polynomial time, but that is also allowed one-sided error. P is the usual class of problems decidable by ...
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Hierarchies in NP (under the assumption that P != NP)

Assuming that P != NP, I believe it has been shown that there are problems which are not in P and not NP-Complete. Graph Isomorphism is conjectured to be such a problem. Is there any evidence of more ...
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Consequences of Complete problems for NP intersects coNP

What are the consequences of having complete problems in $NP\cap coNP$?
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What are good references to understanding the proof of the PCP theorem?

I'm familiar with a lot of results that use the PCP theorem (mainly in approximating algorithms), but I've never come across a clear explanation of the PCP theorem (ie, that $\mathsf{NP} = \mathsf{PCP}...
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Graph Isomorphism and hidden subgroups

I'm trying to understand the relationship between graph isomorphism and the hidden subgroup problem. Is there a good reference for this ?
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Correspondence between complexity classes and logic

I took a class once on Computability and Logic. The material included a correlation between complexity / computability classes (R, RE, co-RE, P, NP, Logspace, ...) and Logics (Predicate calculus, ...
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Is Deolalikar's 2010 proof that $P \ne NP$ correct?

There was recently a claimed proof that $P \ne NP$. Not long after its publication there were raised some issues with this proof. So ... is the proof correct or not ? (Please only answer this if you ...
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space-bounded TMs and oracles

In general, the query-tape for an oracle counts towards the space-complexity of a TM. However, it seems plausible to allow a write-only oracle-tape (such as is used in L-space reductions). Is such a ...
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What is the following variation on Set Cover known as?

What is the following variation on set cover known as? Given a set S, a collection C of subsets of S and a positive integer K, do there exist K sets in C such that every pair of elements of S lies in ...
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