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What is this structure? (monad with a kind of partial inverse comonad)

I have encountered a structure that looks like a monad with a one-sided inverse and some additional properties. I am not sure which properties of this structure are essential and which are accidental, ...
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What logic correponds via Curry-Howard to a Monad?

According to Moggi's 1991 paper "Notions of computation and monads" one can represent monadic equational logic with the well known monad $(T, \eta, \mu)$ with T an functor and the two natural ...
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Aren't Monads F-Algebra's? And then if that could be said are Comonad's F-Coalgebra's?

So considering a Monad to be a Triple (T:C -> C, η, µ) with eta and mu as the Natural transformations with appropriate signatures, isn't this in essence an F-Algebra? My thinking is that being both (...
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Is there a concept of something like co-applicative functors sitting between comonads and functors?

Any monad is also an applicative functor and any applicative functor is a functor. Also, any comonad is a functor. Is there a similar concept between comonads and functors, something like co-...
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