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Hardness assumption: an NP-complete problem whose ratio of hard instances do not tend to zero?

I am wondering about the following property $\text{(P)}$ of an $NP$-complete language $L$ $\begin{align}\exists M\text{ a polytime machine}\lim_{n\to\infty}P(\text{M solves a random instance of size $...
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ETH based lower bound for $k$-COLORING of bounded degree graph

It is known that there is no $2^{o(n)}$-time algorithm for 3-COLORABILITY of graphs of maximum degree four, unless ETH fails [1]. Is a there a similar result for $k$-COLORABILITY assuming only ETH (...
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Size of the constant $s_3$ in Exponential Time Hypothesis (ETH)

Exponential Time Hypothesis (ETH) says that there is a real number $s=s_3>0$ such that 3-SAT with $n$ variables and $m$ clauses cannot be solved in $2^{sn}(n+m)^{O(1)}$ time. The corollary "3-...
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On proving the standard $p$-measure on $NP$ assumption?

In the answer here An Anthology of Complexity Assumptions an interesting assumption is made. The assumption is $p$-measure of $NP$ is not $0$. There are many non-trivial consequences that follow from ...
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An Anthology of Complexity Assumptions

In the paper The Random Oracle Hypothesis Is False, the authors (Chang, Chor, Goldreich, Hartmanis, Håstad, Ranjan, and Rohatgi) discuss the implications of the random-oracle hypothesis. They argue ...
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Subexponential hardness assumption

Edited I want to read more about subexponential hardness assumption, but I didn't find any good survey on this. I just took a look at Heavy-tailed distribution and Some properties of subexponential ...