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43 votes
3 answers

What are the reasons that researchers in computational geometry prefer the BSS/real-RAM model?

Background The computation over real numbers are more complicated than computation over natural numbers, since real numbers are infinite objects and there are uncountably many real numbers, therefore ...
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27 votes
6 answers

How are real numbers specified in computation?

This may be a basic question, but I've been reading and trying to understand papers on such subjects as Nash equilibrium computation and linear degeneracy testing and have been unsure of how real ...
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13 votes
4 answers

Decidability of transcendental numbers

I have a question, whose answer is probably well known, but I can't seem to find anything meaningful after a bit of searching, so I would appreciate some help. My question is whether it is known that ...
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What is a reasonable representation/encoding of objects? [closed]

Question What is a reasonable representation of objects (for computability)? What is the criteria that we should apply to see if a representation is reasonable? This answer by Andrej suggests that ...
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