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Are the types that show monads are more powerful than continuations revealing something of fundamental importance?

In 1992 in the paper Imperative Functional Programming, Simon Peyton Jones and Philip Wadler write: So monads are more powerful than continuations, but only because of the types! It is not clear ...
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Description of the CPS transformation for the typed lambda-calculus

Is there somewhere a precise but hopefully readable account of how the CPS (=continuation-passing-style) transformation applies to the typed lambda-calculus? (Say, simply-typed with product and sum ...
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Type System Of $\lambda\mu$-Calculus

reading this paper on CPS-tranformation from the $\lambda\mu$-calculus, I'm a bit confused about the type system presented: Why second-order formulas in the types? Is this according to the Curry-...
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"finally" for algebraic effects and handlers

In Java in addition to catch there is also finally, this is very important to make sure resources get cleaned up. I believe <...
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