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On preprocessing a convex polyhedron prior to sampling

Most of the algorithms for estimating the volume of a convex polyhedron $K \subset R^d$ assume the existence of an affine transform $T$ with the property that $$ B \subset TK \tilde{\subset}\ \...
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Which convex polytopes have volumes of polynomial bit-length?

A convex polytope is described as an intersection of halfspaces, given as inequalities between linear combinations of variables with rational coefficients. The volume computation problem for convex ...
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Approximating a convex polyhedron, with fewer inequalities

I have a convex polyhedron $\mathcal{P}$, given by $n$ linear inequalities $a_i \cdot x \le c_i$ where $x$ is a $d$-dimensional vector over the non-negative real numbers. In other words, $$\mathcal{...
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Approximating the diameter of a convex set defined by semidefinite constraints

A convex subset $C$ of $\mathbb{R}^{n^2}$ is given as the set of positive semidefinite $n\times n$ matrices whose coefficients fulfill some affine equations. Now, if you want to minimize a linear ...
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Intersection of Hamming Balls

I am interested in the volume of the intersection of two Hamming balls of radius say m/6 in m-dimensional space, the distance between whose centers is about \sqrt{m}. I would ideally like this to be a ...
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Enforcing general position in $2d$ linear programming

Let $(x_1, y_1), ..., (x_k, y_k)$ be $n$ points in $\Re^2$. For my sake, $k=20$. I am trying to set up a linear program to find a set of $k$ points in the plane $P$ that satisfy some linear ...
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Equivalence of weighted Minkowski sums

Given $n$ polytopes $P_1, \cdots, P_n$, each $P_i$ is given as the V-representation, i.e., a set of $m$ points as its set of vertices. Furthermore, consider a variant of the Minkowski sum (somehow ...
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Computing the convex hull of several polyhedra

Let $K_1,..., K_m$ be a set of $m$ polyhedra, with $K_i\subseteq \mathbf{R}^n$, for all $i\in [m]$, and each is described by a set of $poly(n)$ linear inequalities. How easy is it to compute an ...
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Is the following problem in $coNP$?

Given an $n\times n$ matrix $M$ with $\mathbb Z$ entries is 'does an $\frac n2\times\frac n2$ minor of $M$ vanish?' in $\bf{coNP}$? At least one $\frac n2\times\frac n2$ minor non-vanish implies rank ...
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Detailed exposition for proof of Localization Lemma in paper "Random Walks in a Convex Body and an Improved Volume Algorithm"

I've begun reading the paper "Random Walks in a Convex Body and an Improved Volume Algorithm" by Lovász-Simonovits ('93). Although the paper for the most part is pretty self-contained and ...
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How can we prove what the shortest line between two points avoiding convex obstacles is? (visibility graphs)?

I came across the observation in russell & norvig's artificial intelligence book that the shortest path between two points while avoiding convex polygonal obstacles is a sequence of line segments ...
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Size of solutions in integer programming

Given a linear integer program $Ax\leq b$ with $A\in\mathbb Z^{m\times n}$ and $b\in\mathbb Z^m$ known is there a polynomial time algorithm to give tight upper bounds for $\log_2\|x\|_\infty$ and $\...
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Hausdorff Distance and Convex Hull

Given two sets of points A and B, both in $R^d$, is there a relation between the convex hulls of A and B, i.e. conv(A) and conv(B), w.r.t. the Hausdorff distance between A and B? In other words, does ...
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Compute basis of vertex set of polytope

I am wondering whether there is an efficient algorithm to compute the basis of the set of vertices of a polytope. Formally, INPUT: a polytope $$\Xi=\{(\vec{a}_1\vec{x}+\vec{b}_1, \cdots, \vec{a}_m\...
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Orlicz Norm and a result on expectation

I am reading a paper which is mainly about Dobrushin's contraction coefficient and its generalization. In page 27, the following is defined: Consider an arbitrary, non-negative, convex function $\psi:\...
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doubt about volume packing lemma for intersection of convex sets and lattices (repost from math SE)

Lemma 3.24 of Additive Combinatorics by Tao and Vu states the following: Let $\Gamma \subset \mathbb{R}^d$ be a lattice of full rank, let $V$ be a bounded open subset of $\mathbb{R}^d$, and let $P$ ...
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Extended Formulaiton and Integer Programming

An extended formulation (EF) of a polytope $P\subseteq \mathbb{R}^d$ is a system of linear constraints $Ex + Fy = g, y\geq 0$ in variables $(x,y)\in \mathbb{R}^{d+r}$ where $E,F$ are real matrices ...
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