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Understanding David Pisinger's balanced algorithm for the subset-sum problem with bounded weights

I'm trying to understand David Pisinger's balanced algorithm for the subset-sum problem with bounded weights, which can be found on page 5 of his paper Linear Time Algorithms for Knapsack Problems ...
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Defining a correct halt decider

Redefining the notion of a halt decider: (a) Returns true when it correctly determines that its input halts (b) false for everything else including: (1) Non-halting (2) Not a TM description (3) ...
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Correctness of AKS algorithm for shortest vector problem

Short question In the end of section 1 of Regev's notes about the AKS algorithm for SVP, why is the following true? for each such $i$,$y_i− x_i$ remains $w$ with probability $1/2$ or otherwise ...
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Proof of Correctness of Bottleneck Dijkstra Algorithm [closed]

I am working on a bottleneck multicast tree for which I am using bottleneck Dijkstra algorithm. My question is 1) bottleneck Dijkstra has the same correctness as that of (simple) Dijkstra or not ? 2)...
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Hoare program correctness

Which is the easiest way to find a valid Invariant for a While Program in the Hoare program correctness verification? Is there a "guided" way to do that?
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Correctness proof of recursive-descent recognizer

Let G be a grammar that contains no left-recursive rules, and we use a recursive-descent recognizer that uses full backtracking, using list of results for example, to recognize strings of G. How ...
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Is there a mathematical analysis/proof available for correctness of solutions to inter process communication problems?

I've been going over some material related to IPC recently from Tanenbaum's "Modern Operating Systems" and revisited semaphore after many years. There is a lot of code and pseudo code based ...
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