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114 votes
7 answers

Solid applications of category theory in TCS?

I've been learning a few bits of category theory. It certainly is a different way of looking at things. (Very rough summary for those who haven't seen it: category theory gives ways of expressing all ...
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28 votes
2 answers

A category of NP-complete problems?

Does it make sense to consider a category of all NP-complete problems, with morphisms as poly-time reductions between different instances? Has anyone ever published a paper about this, and if so, ...
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48 votes
2 answers

Explaining Applicative functor in categorical terms - monoidal functors

I'd like to understand Applicative in terms of category theory. The documentation for Applicative says that it's a strong lax ...
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19 votes
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A mathematical (categorical) description of type classes

A functional language can be viewed as a category where its objects are types and morphisms functions between them. How do type classes fit in this model? I assume we should only consider those ...
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18 votes
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Does the uncomputability of Kolmogorov complexity follow from Lawvere's Fixed Point Theorem?

Many theorems and "paradoxes" - Cantor's diagonalization, undecidability of hatling, undeciability of Kolmogorov complexity, Gödel Incompleteness, Chaitin Incompleteness, Russell's paradox, etc. -...
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11 votes
4 answers

Explaining monad transformers in categorical terms

Most resource regarding categorical notions in programming describe monads, but I've never seen a categorical description of monad transformers. How could monad transformers be described in the terms ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Is there a relation between the techniques used by Dan Willard, versus those of Brown and Palsberg, to exclude diagonalization?

This question extends my inquiry from a previous post [0]. Dan Willard's Self-Justifying Axiom Systems/Self-Verifying Theories [1] and Brown and Palsberg's self-interpreter for F-Omega [2] both employ ...
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Learning road map for functional programming from the viewpoint of category theory

I am now considering about studying functional programming from the viewpoint of category theory. There are a lot of books about functional programming and category theory, I want some suggestions ...
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