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A data-set is a set or collection of data. This is usually presented as a table where the column represents a observation. Each row represents an element in the set of data.

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Database repository containing queries

For my research, I need to find real database queries (just queries, I do not need the data). However, the unique public "real" queries I know are those appearing in the TPC benchmarks. Does ...
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Is there any dataset of lambda terms?

I'm experimenting with optimizing reduction strategies for the untyped lambda calculus. Is there any (publicly available) dataset of (terminating) lambda terms I could use? Maybe it would be ...
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given a set of $n$ points in $d$-dimensional space and the basis vectors of some subspace, how to find all the points on that space?

given a set $A$ of $n$ points with integer coordinates in $\mathbb{R}^d$, and $k<d$ basis vectors of a subspace $K$ of $\mathbb{R}^d$, is there an efficient algorithm that returns all points from $...
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Mathematical analogy to objects (as in object orientation)? [closed]

Data structures are similar to variables. Algorithms to functions. Objects combine both data and algorithms. Is there a mathematical object / concept that combines variables and functions?
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Most efficient algorithm to compute set difference?

What is the most efficient algorithm to compute the difference between two set data structures? In particular, the algorithm should efficiently discover elements in the first set that are also in the ...
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Combining multiple time-based datasources with different periods

I have two time-based data sources (one providing data by month and the other by week) that must be combined to create a third daily source (recognizing that at best we're getting one possible ...
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Standard format for representing large graphs

I am aware of the "famous" DIMACS graph format (which frankly looks a little clunky to me - "c" for a comment line ?) and the METIS file format. While it's not particularly hard to invent my own ...
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Graphs to download

Possible Duplicate: Data for testing graph algorithms I recently developed a parallel algorithm to solve the vertex cover problem. now i need some graphs so i can test the speed of my algorithm ...
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Data set for Degree Constrained MST?

Degree Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree is an NP-hard problem. It differs from Minimum Spanning Tree in that, degree of every vertex should be $\leq$ some degree constrained. This is a well studied ...
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graphs from real-life problems

Where can I find graphs relevant to real-life problems? Two repositories I know of are: University of Florida's Sparse Matrix Collection Bodlaender's TreewidthLib
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Data for testing graph algorithms

I am looking for a source of huge data sets to test some graph algorithm implemention. Please also provide some information about the type/distribution (e.g. directed/undirected, simple/not simple, ...
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