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Questions tagged [dfa]

Questions about deterministic finite automata

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Shortest string in the intersection of regular languages

Inspired by Each of the 138,172 valid mazes can be represented as a DFA with 9 states (including starting and ...
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Updating (minimal) DFA incrementally

Is there algorithm to incrementally update (minimal) DFA? Namely, having relatively large minimized DFA I want to update it incrementally using union and sudtraction with other (relatively small, ...
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What is the Simplest type of automaton that can simulate all DFAs?

During recent research in a somewhat unrelated field (Spin Physics), I stumbled across a subclass of regular languages. The context of the research poses the question what the minimal power of the ...
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Are k+1 heads better than k for multiread finite automata?

Consider the deterministic (resp. non-deterministic) one-way finite automaton that is defined in the usual way except that it has k heads and in each step can decide which head to move. (It is allowed ...
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Exploring a DFA, with no feedback

Let $M=(\Sigma,S,s_0,\delta)$ be an (unknown) deterministic finite-state automaton (DFA), with alphabet $\Sigma$, statespace $S$, start state $s_0 \in S$, and transition relation $\delta$. I want to ...
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Structural property of DFAs/NFAs accepting LTL-definable languages

I consider LTL on finite words. In this context, there are a couple of nice equivalence results for a language L: L is LTL-...
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Composition of regular expressions with lookahead into DFAs

Let's say we have a regular expression ("a" | "b"(~!"b"))*, written in Perl or other similar languages that support lookahead, which should match a list of a and b's where b's are not followed by b's. ...
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Constructing a DFA with $n$ states for which $L*$ needs $n$ equivalence queries

I'm working on constructing deterministic finite automata (DFAs) with a specific learning complexity when using the L* algorithm developed by Dana Angluin. My goal is to create a DFA of size ( n ) ...
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Real life application of two-way DFA

I am currently studying two-way DFA and I couldn't find and research anything on its real-life applications if there are any. I am very unsure where it could be used and any ideas would be great. tyia
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