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Questions regarding well-defined instructions for completing a task, and relevant analysis in terms of time/memory/etc.

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Complexity of the Fisher-Yates Shuffle Algorithm

This question is in regard to the Fisher-Yates algorithm for returning a random shuffle of a given array. The Wikipedia page says that its complexity is O(n), but I think that it is O(n log n). In ...
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Generalizing the FFT

Can the divide and conquer nature of the FFT be generalized to other transforms (z Transform, chirp, etc) automatically? Is there an algorithm that takes in a description of transform (I don't know ...
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8 votes
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What are some effective heuristics to find the number of Hamiltonian paths in a rectangular grid?

A particular programming problem I came across recently reduces to finding hamiltonian paths in a rectangular grid that would look something like, ...
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What is a good special-case sorting algorithm?

I have a dataset which is a number of objects arranged in a 2-D grid. I know I have a strict ordering, increasing as you go left-to-right within each row, and increasing as top-to-bottom within each ...
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