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A dynamic theory of games for studying the evolution of populations of agents that interact according to simple games.

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Ecology and evolution through the algorithmic lens

The study of ecology and evolution is becoming increasingly more mathematical, but most of the theoretical tools seem to be coming from physics. However, in many cases the problems have a very ...
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What does mechanism design constitute? (Game Theory)

I've been reading about mechanism design and the field seems a little abstract, in that I cannot ascertain whether a certain approach towards solving games falls under mechanism design. Let me ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Refinements of pair approximation for network analysis

When considering interactions on networks, it is usually very hard to calculate the dynamics analytically, and approximations are employed. Mean-field approximations usually end up ignoring the ...
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Sources for Algorithmic Evolutionary Game Theory

I use the title term in a very loose sense. There is a significant amount of work on evolutionary game theory, including its mathematical foundations. I was recommended "Evolutionary Games and ...
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