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How to evaluate and compare the performance of algorithms in practice?

Let $A$ be a heuristic algorithm for problem $Q$. I want to evaluate the performance of my algorithm in a specific practical environment and compare it to other algorithms. Is there a rigorous ...
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What kind of graphs we need to know for experimental results? [closed]

Am new to research and usually while reading computer science research papers, the authors put many graphs as result of experimental data. Now this might be a generic question, but i would like to ...
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Are there applications of experimental mathematics in TCS?

In recent years there have been major, diverse, sometimes surprising advances in experimental mathematics [1] for a variety of sophisticated uses such as developing/deriving exact formulas, theorem ...
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Intractability of NP-complete problems as a principle of physics?

I'm always intrigued by the lack of numerical evidence from experimental mathematics for or against the P vs NP question. While the Riemann Hypothesis has some supporting evidence from numerical ...
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A reading list on experimental algorithmics

As in, the area of the papers in the ACM Journal on Experimental Algorithmic JEA. Which were the foundational works? What are the main results? How are they characterized? Any interesting connections ...