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Pseudorandom object yielding shrinkage in $\ell_p$ norm?

Extractors have the following property: For a random variable $X$ of min-entropy $k$ and a seed $Y$, denote the output of an $(k,\epsilon)$-extractor by $\mathrm{Ext}(X,Y)$. Then $\|\mathrm{Ext}(X,Y)-...
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Applications of small Kakeya sets over finite fields

It was proved by Dvir that a Kakeya set in $\mathbb{F}_q^n$ has size at least $q^n/n!$, a bound which was later improved to $q^n/2^n$. For $n = 2$ and $q$ odd the exact bound is $q(q+1)/2 + (q-1)/2$ ...
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Strong extractors with reusable seeds

I have convinced myself of the following: For every $(k,\epsilon^2\hspace{.005 in})$-strong extractor Ext, for every distribution $X$, if $\;\; k\leq$ $\:H_{\infty}$$(\hspace{.01 in}X\hspace{.015 in})...
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Are there any "two-sided" strong blenders?

My question is related to explicit extractors and strong blenders. We can define explicit strong blender in a straight forward way. I want to know if there are any known explicit strong blenders $\...
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Extractor with somewhat corrupted seeds

In conditional min-entropy extractor, there is a joint distribution $(X,Y)$ such that if the average min-entropy (for some appropriate notion of it) ${\rm H}_\infty(X|Y)$ is large, then ${\rm Ext}(X, ...
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