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What are the general direction and target question in the field of quantum error correction?

After quantum error correction was introduced in mid '90s, in subsequent years many of the classical analogues regarding the structure of code (such as singleton bound, GV bound etc) were obtained in ...
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What is the error bound in the classical error threshold theorem?

For unreliable classical computation there is an error threshold theorem due to von Neumann analogous to the quantum error threshold theorem that shows that even if gates produce the wrong result at ...
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Non-Transversal Fault Tolerant Gate

I have always heard that transversality is a sufficient, not a necessary condition for fault-tolerance in quantum computation. However, I have never seen any examples of non-transversal fault tolerant ...
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What is the advantage of designing deterministic distributed algorithms?

Distributed algorithms that are resilient to failures can either be deterministic or probabilistic. Take for example the consensus problem. Paxos is deterministic in the sense that given the ...
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Does a noisy version of Conway's game of life support universal computation?

Quoting Wikipedia, "[Conway's Game of Life] has the power of a universal Turing machine: that is, anything that can be computed algorithmically can be computed within Conway's Game of Life." Do such ...
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Honest Majority unconditional coinflipping without private channels

All communication is assumed to be by the parties taking turns making authenticated broadcasts. Is there a way for $n$ parties, each with access to ideal local randomness, to jointly choose a ...
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Fault-tolerant programming languages / paradigms?

I've been passively thinking for a long time, what could be the foundation for programming systems that can tolerate their own and other systems' bugs (not even speaking of environmental conditions ...
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What is the best lower bound for the fault-tolerance threshold in quantum computing?

It is well established that there exists a noise threshold for quantum computation, such that below this threshold, the computation can be encoded in such a way that it yields the correct result with ...
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