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Decidability of fractal maze

A fractal maze is a maze which contains copies of itself. Eg, the following one by Mark J. P. Wolf from this article: Begin at the MINUS and make your way to the PLUS. When you enter a smaller copy ...
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Algorithms as fractals

Recursion utilizes some self similar nature of an object (some representation of the given problem) to produce some quantitative measure (output) on the object through some algorithm (utilizing the ...
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What is some important work in fractals?

Relating to the discussion on whether fractals are part of TCS, my question is: What are some important work/results in fractals in TCS? The work/results may be focusing on fractals or it may use ...
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Complexity of the mandelbrot set on rationals

(Also posted on mathoverflow) Given two rationals $a,b \in \mathbb{Q}$, call $c = a + ib$, i.e., the complex number represented by these two rationals. A point $c$ is contained within the Mandelbrot ...
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Most efficient algorithm to search an unsorted array with a very precise data structure

(I apologize in advance if this question sounds a bit practical, but I suspect it might have an interesting theoretical aspect.) I have a (large) array of data, not completely sorted, but with which ...
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