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Can we have more than one Deterministic Finite Automata diagrams for a set of strings? [closed]

Much like many math equations can be simplified. I am wondering if Deterministic Finite Automata diagrams can equal each other while some may be more simplified than others. I am following the youtube ...
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4 votes
1 answer

"Combining" two mealy machines [closed]

How could you combine two mealy machines, the first one $M_1$ has as input $\sum_{1}^*$ and as output $\sum_{2}^*$, the second machine $M_2$ uses the output $\sum_{2}^*$ as the input and outputs $\...
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9 votes
0 answers

What exactly are Moore machines?

Ok, don't be scared by the title - it is not that I don't know the concept of a Moore machine, or basic FSM concepts in general. However, I think that the term "Moore machine", despite being ...
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Finding the smallest DFA that separates two words without using brute force search?

Given two strings x and y, I want to build a minimum size DFA that accepts x and rejects y. One way to do this is brute force search. You enumerate DFA's starting with the smallest. You try each ...
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