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Questions tagged [generalizations]

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Is there a generalized SAT problem for higher-order logics?

The SAT problem is based upon Boolean expressions, but is there a generalized SAT problem based upon higher order logics?
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0 answers

Known generalizations of Gauss pivot method?

The well-known Gauss pivot method can be used to solve a system of linear equations over a field. I'm aware of two extensions of this method: (i) the Büchberger algorithm for computation of Gröbner ...
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Which properties of planar graphs generalize to higher dimension / hypergraphs?

A planar graph is a graph which can be embedded in the plane, without having crossing edges. Let $G=(X,E)$ be a $k$-uniform-hypergraph, i.e. an hypergraph such that all its hyperedges have size k. ...
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